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Employee Turnover Costs Dealers Billions

Bad hires cost dealerships billions of dollars a year and struggling with hiring is the norm for dealership groups both small and large. It's one of the greatest challenges dealerships face. Turnover costs stores money in several ways: inexperienced sales staff showing lack of continuity with customers; and, ultimately, lost vehicle sales.

How big of a problem is it for the industry? It's half a million a year for the average dealership. It's billions of dollars for the industry, and it is not getting better.

A study conducted by Kraybill's firm spending years examining how turnover affects dealership profitability shows a rule of thumb: A 10-percentage-point increase in turnover will cost the average dealership $7,500 in gross profit per employee per year. With an average dealership head count of 70 people, that means a 10-point increase in turnover costs the average dealership more than $500,000 in gross profit annually. Multiplied by NADA's count of roughly 16,500 dealerships in the U.S., it's an $8 billion-plus problem.

A dealership that can improve its turnover will gain a significant profit edge on its competitors

Managers who experiment with new ways to attract the right people, start to look for help with the task and experiment with new approaches will improve retention and lower turnover.

The potential for improving sales and customer satisfaction through better sales staff has more automakers paying attention to dealership staffing as well.But this is ultimately a dealer problem, and it's up to dealers to solve it.

"Improving the people side of automotive retail is the last great return on investment available to dealers, the difference between a mediocre dealership and a great dealership is the strength of its people" , said Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology.

Dealers generally say they are happy with only about half of their employees. If they can better their staff and improve that satisfaction rate to even just 60 or 70 percent, it is a huge opportunity.

Annualized turnover for all dealership positions is up. The median tenure for employees in all positions has fallen. One- and three-year retention rates continue to drop.In 2015, the last year for which data are available, the average dealership payroll rose nearly 8 percent to $3.8 million, according to NADA. Actual head count was up 4.3 percent.

5-year trends generally have worsened in several important hiring and retention categories for all dealerships.

Turnover, all positions35%35%36%39%40%
Turnover, sales consultants68%62%66%72%67%
Median tenure, all positions (years)
Median tenure, sales (years)
1-year retention, all positions76%75%75%71%71%
1-year retention, sales65%64%62%60%61%
3-year retention, all positions55%51%50%47%45%
3-year retention, sales40%36%35%33%33%
The question is how can dealerships and keep their sales staff?

If dealerships focus more on training their sales staff to be the type of person better versed at meeting the customer's needs vs. just negotiating the best deal for the store, more are likely to stay at the company rather than jump to a rival store.

For a while, industry watchers were concerned that millennials(the generation of children bornbetween 1982 and 2002) wouldn't even buy cars. Now, there's another millennial issue dealers are coping with: retaining them as employees.

Millennials accounted for 60 percent of all new hires in 2015, a 3-percentage-point increase from a year earlier, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association's 2016 Dealership Workforce Study. They make up 42 percent of dealership personnel, a 4-point rise from a year earlier.

Turnover among millennials, however, was 52 percent, up 1 point from a year earlier and the highest among generational segments. Gen X's turnover rate held flat at 35 percent, and baby boomers' rate inched up 3 points to 26 percent.

Millennials want to make an impact in the workplace right away. They want a defined career path, flexible schedules and consistent pay plans. Because their standards differ from those of previous generations, dealers should strive to understand and work with millennials' preferences to prepare for the future of auto retail.

They are naturally open to challenging the status quo. Dealers who learn about millennials' standards and values are more likely to keep them around long term and effectively train them in auto retailing.

It's a huge benefit because you don't want them to think they can start one day and be sales manager the next. Millennials want to know what's in it for them. They ask about how they will grow. Millennials have a high sense of urgency. They are used to being able to get information quickly, so they can be impatient, and they expect a lot of feedback and a high level of engagement.

Much of the time, dealers can't just tell millennial employees what to do, they need to know the reason of why. If they get a full description, they tend to digest, understand and then better explain processes to the customer.

What is the best way to attract millennials?

Training is the key from the first day so they understand how the dealership works and what is expected from them. Video training that visually shows them what they need to do their job is the best approach because millennials are visual learners and can beheld accountable.

Dealerships should prioritize educating millennials on long-term opportunities and to know what to do every time they meet a new customer.The best strategy to keep millennials: keep them engaged!

Training is a key to a store's success -- and it extends beyond new hires and salespeople. Training should be a core part of any dealership's culture. Trainingis important for promoting from within, developing managerial staff from lower ranks.

Providing an internal training program, should be mainly for new and senior employees using the best method of online training and complementing it with hands-on training through the weekly sales meetings.

By understanding this new approach to reduce sales staff turnover and to speak the millennials language, FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER developed many online courses that cover various topics throughout the entire dealership sales operations.

Online training sessions in every dealership should be a mandatory ongoing policy. Every month, sales staff should be trained and reminded on how to meet and greet and how to negotiate with customers. If the sales staff learns and understands the sales process from the moment they greet a person walking on the lot until the moment they deliver the vehicle, the employee satisfaction should rise and it is most likely they will stay working for the same dealership. Also, an employee, depending on what the job is, should be enrolled to take all our online courses. It should be mandatory that classes are completed. That will show the dealership who is really committed.

The main reasons to invest in sales education for your team: improve your number of units sold, your profit and your CSI and to keep your staff working for you.

To boost staff morale and maximize profits at the same time, a dealership should not rely on external incentives alone in order to motivate its sales staff. A supportive working environment in which staff members are rewarded for their successes and given their own autonomy within a set structure should be enforced, so that your sales staff feel empowered and a valued team member. This increases cooperation and the desire to do well within the organization.

Dealerships think training is expensive because they don’t realize that it is more expensive not to train because it generates lack of productivity, lost opportunity and the increasing expense of new hires.

What does training really mean? Does it mean that you as the dealer have to personally conduct it? No, of course not. Because FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER was created by people who’s been in the auto sales industry for over decades and understand the dealership philosophy and routine. We created and developed our online courses using the showroom language, taking the burden away from the sales managers.

To evaluate what would be your expense on training your employees, use this simple formula:

  1. Look at the income statement and determine the average amount spent monthly on training expenses.
  2. Subtract from that amount the total to be spent with FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER online courses
  3. Divide that remainder by the total number of employees.

The final number will give you a number that amounts to little more than the cost of a couple of fast food lunches per employee per month.

A publicly available program training will often range from one to two days and cost $500 to $5,000 per participant and private training programs can range from $3,500 per day on the low end, to $25,000 per day on the high end.

Now compare your total per employee cost to FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER (we charge a flat monthly fee, no matter how many of your employees will take all our courses) versus hiring training techs (somehow that is always rationalized by saying the manufacturer requires it). Also factor in the meals catered in while the meetings are being conducted.

Dealerships have employees who have chosen to work in this business, wanting the same thing…to be the best they can be. So why is so little invested in them?

When you have unqualified sales associates in your staff, the huge sum of money spent on advertisement becomes wasted. Do you know how many potential buyers who visit your showroom daily are being logged? How many of them are being introduced to a SalesManager? What kind of follow up is your sales staff performing?

Every employee should be a part of our training plan. No job is so insignificant that it should be overlooked in training.

Identify what deficiencies you have in your store. Is your Special Finance Department getting deals funded in a timely manner? Does your F&I department seem to have more than their share of complaints? How well does your title work flow through your DMV? How much up-selling are your service advisors doing? Once you can identify some of the areas of deficiency you can then start putting together a training plan using our different online courses to eliminate those deficiencies.

Exclusive Package for your Dealership

For a flat monthly fee, your dealership will receive:

  • Your own portal with your own admin login where you will add, pause and terminate access to the courses for every employee in your organization

  • Once you entered an employee in your portal, he/she will create their own login and have immediate access to all of our 6 online courses 24/7 from any location.

  • You will be able to pull reports directly from your portal to review how your sales staff is advancing in each course. This way you can evaluate who are your team players

  • Every time an employee finishes a course, we will provide a certificate (per course) with the employee name, date, the course name, our logo and your store logo (optional)

  • A complete ebook located in the “Resource” tab of each course, in a pdf file format, that can be downloaded and printed.

  • When you sign up, we will provide a printed copy of each book for your Sales Department. This is a powerful tool for your Sales Managers to use in their sales meetings.

As a compliment, all the employees who finish all 6 online courses, will receive a printed copy of our Daily Planner. This will help them to make daily/monthly notes with their monthly sales,follow-ups and sales planning. This could be used by your General Sales Manager in your monthly sales meeting to recognize the efforts of each individual.

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ecarsalestraining about usFast Sales Training Center was created about a decade ago by experienced professionals who have been in the auto-sales industry for many years now trying to emphasize the need of training and coaching many auto-sales professionals who seek to better their ability to achieve their goals and to be more successful in the daily tasks and objections that this exciting career offers.

No doubt, we offer some amazing teaching techniques that make our candidates very successful and stand above all other candidates for the position desired and deserved. Our training has a coaching style and a fine-tuned energy which carries over, our candidates, converting them into aggressive but yet charismatic, and well-trained machine with full of enthusiasm and drive.

Honestly, we feel confident about our detailed online courses and e-books which we prepared for our candidates to have the advantage over this economy's competitive-job market. The highly-marketable training acquired through our online courses is not only useful for Auto Sales, but is a tremendous asset to those in any and all services and product related fields including both blue and white collar jobs and professions.


The mission of Fast Sales Training Center is to train, qualify, and place the right people with the right job in the car sales industry.

Fast Sales Training Center, with its experience and absolute knowledge of the car industry, provides to each of our candidates an in-depth dynamic training, preparing each one from the job interview to making car sales not just a job but a successful and rewarding career. In other words, Fast Sales Training Center prepares you to be successful through our unparalleled online training courses and coaching seminars.

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